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By facilitating mentorship programs and networking opportunities, UA50 will help Ukrainian entrepreneurs take their business to a new level. They will have access to an incredible support network, where they can find mentors, board members, strategic advice, and more.



  • Student support. We help entrepreneurial-minded students find and get into professional accelerator programs such as General Assembly, Start-Up Institute, and more.
  • Accelerators. We will guide entrepreneurs through the opportunities available through partnerships with incubators and accelerators.
  • VC/Funding. For companies looking for angel investment and funding, we will help them navigate the shark-infested waters of venture capital. UA50 will get companies one step closer to finding their ideal capital partners. We will help with elevator pitches, investor decks, and managing the negotiation process.
  • Entering new International Markets. There are numerous legal and organizational hurdles when expanding into new countries. UA50 will provide support through these burdensome obstacles.


UA50 will act as a catalyst for the Ukrainian entrepreneurial community.


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