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The application process is currently closed, as we are overwhelmed with applications and are trying to assist applicants as efficiently as possible. Join us on Facebook or Twitter to get an update when the application process resumes.

Thank you for your interest to UA50 initiative. For our team it indicates that you are looking forward to develop your product and extend it to the global market. And our mission is to help you in that process.

We’ve got a certain application procedure that allows us to divide startups onto three categories. Each of them would get different kind of assistance from UA50, which we think is the most appropriate.

Case 1: Start-up Expanding Globally

To get into this bucket you need to fit the following criteria:

  • have a complete team, that has been working together for some time and has validated good team dynamics. At the very minimum it should be a CEO and a CTO;
  • launched product that already demonstrates traction, at least in its initial market, likely in Ukraine;
  • validated business model (you demonstrated that your venture can generate revenues). This criterion can be waived for start-ups with substantial customer growth, addressing a big enough market;
  • you plan to expand globally and/or in a new geography where the team needs support;
  • start-up is incorporated in Ukraine or abroad.

If you fit this criteria, you will be able to expect the following assistance from the UA50 community:

  • your start-up will be matched with a lead mentor within the UA50 network based on location, domain expertise, availability, and specific team needs;
  • a lead mentor will meet start-up team frequently to assist with specific advice on successfully entering the new market chosen;
  • frequency of meetings is to be agreed between the team and a lead mentor, but recommended to be no less than once a week for 30 min;
  • a lead mentor will tap into other UA50 members and outside the network to make sure the team is well connected to jumpstart its operations in the new market;
  • if applicable, lead mentor provides fund raising advice and some connections to investors.

Case 2: Start-up Seeking Pre-seed Support


  • complete team, i.e., start-up has, as a minimum, a CEO and a CTO/COO;
  • product MVP (or better) is implemented;
  • scalable idea;
  • fluent English skills of the core team;
  • start-up seeks pre-seed investment and mentorship from an accelerator;
  • clear business plan is available.

In this case UA50 would provide the following support:
UA50 Support:

  • start-up will meet with a UA50 mentor from the accelerator/incubator committee to receive overall advice on how to prepare a winning application for top accelerators globally;
  • mentor will suggest short-list of accelerators;
  • mentor will make warm intros to some of the short-listed accelerators.

Case 3: Start-up Exploring Options Outside Ukraine


  • complete team, i.e., start-up has, as a minimum, a CEO and a CTO/COO;
  • start-up does not meet CASE 1 or CASE 2 selection criteria, but has a specific question around future expansion outside of Ukraine or fund raising;
  • team poses valid question.

UA50 Support:

  • email request will be distributed among UA50 members and question will be answered via email by one of these members or staff, provided there is a match (availability) within 48 hours of the request;
  • not all inquiries will be addressed in this case;
  • you can always re-apply using the same application form, once you feel that you can move from case to case.

For Cases 1 and 2, an NPS system will be used to measure effectiveness of the UA50 support.

To evaluate which bucket you belong to and how we can best assist you, please, fill in this form.

By applying to this form you are agreeing to publish the name of your company on the UA50 website and press releases for those who will be selected for participation in the project.

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