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In an increasingly global economy, it is critical for businesses to expand into new markets to find customers and talent. Unfortunately, this path is treacherous– the amount of things which can go wrong is infinite. UA50 will ensure a smooth ride along that path for the best and brightest Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

UA50 contains a community of successful professionals in the tech-startup ecosystem, working together to help emerging Ukrainian startups through mentorship, networking, and investment opportunities.
In 2015, following Revolution of Dignity, a group of well-connected Silicon Valley Ukrainians decided to support the next generation of Ukrainian startups and help them get established as global leaders in their respective industries. 

After seeing numerous isolated successes in Ukraine, this group felt that more could be done to support this movement.

The strength of a well-connected network is infinite. We hope to leverage this power to support the advancement of our country. Ukrainians have been widely recognised for having strong technical skills, but only recently have its best and brightest people begun to harness the potential of entrepreneurship and business building. Our vision is for Ukraine to be among the world leaders in technology and innovation, like an international Silicon Valley.


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